Will And Jaden On Will And Jaden For Will And Jaden


I’m sure you’ve read it by now or at least seen the headlines: Will & Jaden’s interview with New York Magazine.

The most quotable piece from the entire thing is obviously when asked about his “expensive taste” (in response to how Willow, his sister, only shops at Target) Jaden notes that he, quote, “likes Cartier”. Jaden, 14, “likes Cartier” so much so that he was at Cartier “like, every weekend for a month”. Oh…

This mess of an interview was done in support of After Earth, their mess of a movie that opens this weekend. I don’t know how this interview went so off point but it’s amazing and I might wallpaper my bedroom in it. But Will Smith loves Will Smith, right? The most interesting point, or one of, is at the end when Jaden notes that his parents could write a book once a year for the rest of their lives because they talk so much and that when his friends come over they want to say hi to his dad but he’s like “no he’s busy watching hours and hours of TED Talks” CAN YOU JUST PICTURE WILL SMITH IN HIS LAYER LIKE BRUCE WAYNE WATCHING HOURS AND HOURS OF TED TALKS BECAUSE I CAN. I REALLY CAN.

This interview is more insightful about how possessive and self-indulgent Will is than Jaden. I mean, clearly Jaden is a little misguided but clearly very much a 14 year old, just with expensive taste (note: he likes Cartier! Christmas is on it’s way…). A lot of people have strong opinions about The Smiths and how they are raising their children, presumably forcing them into the business at such a young age. This is also addressed in the interview and Will talks about how Willow wanted out of the business at the peak of “Whip My Hair” which is amazing in it’s own right and good for you Willow, GOOD FOR YOU.

It’s just…when did Will Smith become such a loser? And this also ties into my post from yesterday about Brad Pitt Working Harder Then He Ever Has to sell World War Z. Did you see Will and Jaden do the Fresh Prince rap/dance on the Graham Norton show last week? If not it’s attached. Look, I love a reuinion more than anyone else but don’t you get the feeling that Will is only doing this because he has to sell sell sell and what better way to sell than remind people why they loved you in the first place…

This all leads me to this fascinating essay on child stardom written by Mara Wilson, more commonly known as Matilda. It’s on point. Read it.


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