Remembering ‘Happy Endings’ (With Tons Of Clips & GIFS!)


For the last few weeks, I’ve been living in a state of denial. When ABC announced that they would not be renewing my favourite show for a fourth season, I brushed it off, hoping that the rumour of the USA network picking it up carried more weight to it than it really did. It finally hit me today that this is the first time that a show I really, really, really like won’t be returning. This is my Arrested Development-moment (I became a fan of AD-post cancellation).

I’ve talked about this before, about how we should be fine with 3 great seasons of a show we love but we always want more. Would Friends be Friends if it were only 3 seasons? Who knows, but I own all 10 seasons of Friends and love every episode and never thought, “you know what, maybe this should’ve ended after the 7th season“. There are shows like that, of course, that should’ve ended a long time ago. How I Met Your Mother is one of them. If Heroes was only it’s first season, it would be the best show ever, but it’s so very not.

At this point, right here, right now, I’ve accepted – err, mainly acknowledged – the fact that Happy Endings is never coming back. The funniest show on TV is no longer. But…I’m okay with that. We will have 3 really great seasons of it. I’ve already used and abused my copy of the second season (I’ve watched it a total of 4 times, back to front). While I’m coming to terms with this, I still don’t like it. I don’t like it because Two & Half Men is going into it’s 11th season (or is it it’s 12th? I’m actually not sure) when it really doesn’t need or deserve 11 seasons. I know I’m a raging fanboy right now, but it’s not like you’re disagreeing with me. You don’t have to like Happy Endings to agree that Two & Half Men doesn’t deserve or need 11 seasons. But ABC is not CBS and Happy Endings is not for middle America, so there’s also that.

So, instead of complaining about what isn’t, let’s discuss what is and remember this ah-mah-zing show. Where to begin, really? I’m trying to include the 3rd season in this “series recap” (that’s what this is) but because I’ve seen the first two so many times, it’ll be a little hard. The third season had some all-time best episodes. The Usual Suspects spoof is the first that comes to my mind, of course. I mean, Elisha owned that episode and the entire season. My all-time favourite episode is the “The Butterfly Effect Effect” episode, which I know better as the “Flowy Pants” episode. Oh, the premiere episode of season 3 with the Misery reference was pretty spectacular too. Guys, this entire series is amazing and if you weren’t watching it before, and ignored by 700 pleas, JUST START WATCHING IT NOW BECAUSE YOU SHOULD AND I TOLD YOU SO.

Imma miss you Happy Endings. You had them thiiiiinnnnngsssss.



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