The Never Ending Saga That Is ‘Sin City 2’


Where to begin? Let’s go way back…

(The follow is from the film’s Wikipedia page and my rusty memory)

  • After the film was released in 2005, Rodriguez had announced plans for a follow up
  • Frank Miller was “writing” the screenplay in 2006, with hopes it going into production shortly after
  • In 2007 Miller & Rodriguez said at Comic Con that the script had been finished but blamed the Weinsteins for the delay
  • Fast-forward to 2011: Rodriguez was very adamant that the script was done (like for real this time) and that he was hoping to start shooting later that year
  • August 2011: Rodriguez stated that the script was done done (like for really real this time) and that he had even recieved funding for the film and would begin shooting asap
  • March 2012 Rodriguez announced that production for the film would start in mid-2012

And now we’re here. The date is July 17, 2013. There is no Sin City: A Dame To Kill For. Since the release of Sin City, Rodriguez has made sequels to both Machete and Spy Kids. Because obviously. There are a few movie-related jokes that happen every year that I enjoy. The typical Tyler Perry ones. The “aren’t we due for another Resident Evil movie?” and that it’s that time of year when something halts Sin City 2. It’s just expected that every couple of months or so, something will happen. Like today, when it was announced that Sin City 2 has been pushed from it’s October 2013 release date to next Summer. The end of August to be exact, which is more commonly known as the dumping period for studios.

Did they even film it yet? I’m too tired to Google it. Do you even care anymore? I like Sin City. It’s fine. It’s enjoyable. I wasn’t and still am not clamoring for a sequel. At this point, after all these false promise, does anyone even care?


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