Update: Sequels To Dolphin Tale Aand Independence Day Announced, Still No Incredibles 2

Earlier this week, a sequel to Dolphin Tale was announced. I’ll give you a moment to… you know…

Welcome back. I know, right? The film did decently and preformed well enough on home-video, sure, but this is one of the more questionable sequel announcements I’ve heard in a while…oh wait…

Earlier today it was also announced that they would be going ahead with a sequel to Independence Day because the well has officially run dry. I’m not surprised, I’ve learnt not to be surprised anymore, but, to quote Seth & Amy, REALLY?! I hope Will Smith comes back. And Mae Whitman.

This post is really just an excuse for me to remind you, and Pixar, that there is still no sequel to The Incredibles yet, even though the ending of the first one opened the door to a sequel as opposed to the ending of, oh I don’t know…Dolphin Tale.

Carry on.



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