Top 5 Of 2013 So Far


It’s been a year, hasn’t it? Not quiet as explosive and surprisingly as the first half of 2012 was (21 Jump Street, The Hunger Games, The Avengers, etc… had come and gone by this point last year) but it’s still been a good year? What makes 2013 so exciting for me though is the 2nd half of the year. There I can’t wait. But I digress. Above is my Top 5 of the year and in order. Let’s begin:

5. Spring Breakers

You either loved it or hated it. Totally get it. I loved it.

4. Stoker

I know it shows Monsters University in the forth spot in the beautiful collage I made above, but I completely forgot about Stoker and I’m too lazy/busy to change it so here we are. The more I thought about Stoker the more and more I loved it. A slow, beautiful, erotic, insane burn. Also: written by Wentworth Miller so just let that one soak in.

3. Fast 6

This list is a hot mess and I know that. Who would have thought, that, 100 years ago, when the Fast & Furious franchise started it would not only still be around, but become more credible as the franchise went on. I liked both Iron Man 3 and Star Trek 2, of course, but Fast 6 was everything I wanted and more. It is ridiculous, YES, I know this, but IT also knows this and relishes in that fact. I can’t ignore how much fun this movie was.

2. This Is The End

I saw this two weeks ago and it’s still stuck with me and is as fresh now as it was then. It’s silly, it’s stupid, it’s ridiculous, it’s smart, it’s f-cking hilarious.

1. The Conjuring

WHO KNEW? What a twist! Check out my review here.

Honorable mentions: Evil Dead, Star Trek 2, Much Ado About Nothing and, obviously, The Call.


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