Cameron Diaz Never Stops Working

You know when you say a word over and over again you realize how weird the letter and sounds that make up that word are? Like fork is really spelt that way and you never realized that until now. I’ve always known how big of a star Cameron Diaz is but it didn’t really hit me until now the legitimacy of her movie stardom. Earlier this week, it was announced that Cameron had signed on to play Miss Hannigan in the upcoming Annie remake after Sandra Bullock dropped out. This was met with very different, very loud reactions. But I don’t care about Annie enough to know if this is good or not, what I care enough to know is that Cameron Diaz never stops working.

Cameron Diaz is the original Channing Tatum. Think about. They both started off as models. They both went on to blockbuster status. They’re both capable actors, but maybe not the best (I do think Cameron Diaz can be great when she wants to be). They both have had really consistent, surprising and divisive careers. What I mean by divisive is that there is a surprising amount of people who dislike her. I had tweeted something about her the other day and someone – a random – replied saying that no one should be jealous of Cameron Diaz. I think it was insult regarding her looks. I’m sorry? Everyone should be envious of her career but also this: 20110623-105349

Cameron’s entire lifetime box-office total is almost at $3 billion. The Shrek franchise helps boost that total but even without, she’s still the top if not one of the most profitable actresses.

She’s had her share of flops, of course, they all have. But at 41, Cameron Diaz is working more now than ever and I find this fascinating. Kate Bosworth, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, and those kind of “actresses” can’t book a job and they’re almost 10 years younger than her and less divisive. Bad Teacher was a success all because of her and don’t try to tell me otherwise (that and Universal’s brilliant marketing campaign). So, I really don’t care if she’s right for Miss Hannigan or not. I hope she does a great job and I hope it’s a big success, but at 41, working back to back, I can’t hate on Cameron Diaz. She’s helping stop the notion that actresses can’t work after 40 and that’s all that matters here.


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