Jessi Cruickshank Finally Joins A Sitcom, You’re Welcome America


Most of you may know the name Jessi Cruickshank. If you’re Canadian, then you definitely do. Jessi started on MTV Canada as a host of the Laguna Beach/The Hills after show. It started off as nothing and then it kind of became – aside from the network’s reality offerings – MTV Canada’s flagship show. It was huge. A few years ago, both of them left to try and break in America. Dan Levy was in Admission and started an eyewear line, and Jessi Cruickshank has done some work for eTalk and is co-host of Oh Sit! on The CW with Jamie Kennedy which, bless her, in typical Jessi style, made that shit better than it was (this is a judgment from the total 5 minutes I’ve seen of that show).

Jessi broke the news the other day that she joined the new Kirstie Alley sitcom, aptly titled Kirstie, on Lifetime which I’m assuming is coming later this year. I had zero interest in this show because obviously but now I will, at the very least, check out the pilot. Not for any other reason than for Cruickshank alone. There are only a handful of people who make me laugh really hard. Robin Williams, Casey Wilson, Vince Vaughn…and Jessi Cruickshank. If you have ever seen any of her work she is just so, so quick and so ahead of the people she is interviewing that it’s almost like she’s mocking them but they’re not smart enough to catch on. If you’ve never seen her work then just enjoy these two gems even though they really don’t do her justice.

You’re welcome America, for another export. And you’re welcome Kirstie.



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