WATCH: Trailer For ‘Lovelace’


I’ve written before about how often Amanda Seyfried works and how I find it very confusing. She is a capable actress, but never really lived up to the promise her performance in Mean Girls alluded to. It kind of feels like if they can’t get Emma Stone or Kristen Stewart we can always book Seyfried. Well, the trailer for Lovelace does a fantastic job of reminding us of the promise she once held.

First: it feels like this movie has been in production for 10 years. Wasn’t Sarah Jessica Parker part of the cast at some point? I swear I saw her in photos from the set. I digress. And not that you would, but try not to confuse this Lovelace movie with the other one that never went into production with Lindsay Lohan. Do you think she has seen this trailer yet? Someone show this trailer to her. SHAWN HOLLEY, DO YOUR JOB!

Aside from what we are shown of Seyfried’s performance (which is apparently the best part of an other wise okay movie), there isn’t much to this movie. It just seems like your standard biopic but this time with more handjobs included. Count me in!




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