Our Dream ‘SNL’ Hosts & Predictions For The 39th Season


Is this too soon? Probably but I don’t care and to borrow from turnt up singer & Tupac enthusiast Miley Cyrus, it’s my blog and I’ll write what I want to, okay? WHERE has this summer gone that I’m already preparing for TIFF and, clearly, dreaming about the next season of Saturday Night Live? It’s gone to hell, that’s where. This post is already off topic so let’s try and focus.

I didn’t love last season. I really didn’t. It had it’s moments. The Justin Timberlake episode. The Christina Applegate episode (this is probably just me). 2 sketches from the Jamie Foxx episode. The Martin Short episode. Annnnd then that was about it. It was a rough one. And I’m still confused as to how people even remotely enjoyed the Melissa McCarthy episode. We lost Hader and Armisen and probably Sudeikis? Who knows, come the end of August he’ll probably resign. Kenan is never going to leave. Soon we’ll be finding out about new cast-members, so the 39th season of the love of my life will be a very exciting and very trying one. I still think there is some life left in it. You?

ANYWAYS, let’s get to the point of this article: my dream hosts (comment below with yours!). Our dream hosts have to be realistic though. Don’t write “Jesus” because I’ll report that comment. No. This is a mix of both; who we would love to see host and who will probably end up hosting because of what is coming up. Let’s go!

Who I want to host: Rebel Wilson, Meryl Streep (stay with me, she’s never hosted!), Donald Glover (long shot), Whoopi Goldberg (nothing to promote, really, but this is a must as she has also never hosted), Robin Williams (because duh), Amy Poehler is due for another round, Lena Dunham (strong chance this could actually happen), Mindy Kaling, John Mulaney (HE IS OWED THIS) and Anna Kendrick.

Who will: Joseph Gordon Levitt will most likely host the premiere or the one after it in promotion for Don Jon. Sandra Bullock could also host with Gravity coming out the first week of October and if she hosts the premiere that would make more sense. Maybe Lady Gaga for Machete Kills but since she has gone into seclusion, this probably won’t happen. Tom Hanks is probably a safe bet especially with Captain Phillips. Unfortunately, we might also get Chloe Moretz to host because Lorne likes to punish us and the Carrie remake is coming out during October. Katy Perry supposedly has an album coming out later this year so don’t count her out, oh and Miley too. Maybe Kat Dennings or Natalie Portman for Thor 2 – I doubt Hemsworth would want to. Jonah Hill for Wolf of Wall Street is also a safe bet, as is Jennifer Lawrence for Catching Fire and Will Ferrell will probably close out the season since Anchorman 2 is being released around the time the show has it’s winter finale.

For the second half of the season count on Zac Efron to host the returning episode. He has a movie due out in January, and the last time he hosted he did surprisingly well so I’d like to see him host again. Kevin Hart and Chris Pratt could host an episode during February. Tina Fey, Ricky Gervais, Shailene Woodley and Emma Watson could host during March. Cameron Diaz is a safe bet for an April episode. Nicki Minaj too (stay with me). Andrew Garfield should/could host an episode in May, and Emma Stone is also a safe bet. Adam Sandler could surprise and host a May episode. And the rest is up in the air.





  1. I was really surprised by the Bruno Mars episode last season … As a first time performer/musical guest, I wasn’t expecting him to excel and the monologue and Pandora sketch left me expecting a Channing Tatum-esque episode (i.e., LOOK, HE CAN DANCE!), but he really committed to some things like the Yeti and The Merryville Brothers.

  2. I wouldn’t go as far to say this is my dream or anything, but Harrison Ford. He’s in that Ender’s Game movie coming out at the end of the year, as well as Anchorman 2. And he’s never hosted before as far as I’m aware. So, who knows, it could happen.

  3. Bruno mars(loved him last season)
    Jimmy fallon
    Maybe a late night host like Stephen Colbert. That would be awesome.
    Tina fey

  4. Would love love love if Peter Dinklage was to host (if you’ve seen Death at a Funeral, the British version, you will understand why he HAS to host an episode. Bonus being the Peter Drunklage skit on last seasons weekend update sets it up for him to be a host!) I’d love to see robin Williams host (I don’t think he’s hosted since the early 90s) and Nathan Fillion would be great too. Robert Carlyle or Emma Watson would be pretty good for potentials, love the Rebel Wilson suggestion, and john Rhys Myers would seem like a pretty interesting choice (and built in promo for nbcs new Dracula show, so I could see that happening.) in a dream world, though I know it will never happen but he’s got great comedic timing, David tennant would be great too.)

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