‘Gone Girl’ Update: Ben Affleck Eyes Role, Theron, Portman And Blunt Rumored For Amy


Months ago I decided to cast the film adaptation of the book of 2012, Gone Girl. Click here to re-visit. In the post I declared that Fassbender was my David and that Rachel McAdams was my Amy. They were both long-shots, of course. Today it was announced Ben Affleck is currently eyeing to play David. In addition to that, three names are currently in the running to play Amy. Natalie Portman, Emily Blunt and one of my picks, Charlize Theron.

My thoughts? I have no real opinion or issue with Affleck. It’s a little uninspired and he’s not my favourite actor, but he is more than capable of pulling off David. I wish it was Fassbender, but here we are. As for the ladies? I really don’t see Natalie Portman in this role. If you’re a fan of Blunt, like myself, then this could be her long, long, long overdue breakout moment but still not my top choice. And if it goes to Charlize I completely support that. And her and Affleck aesthetically match.




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