Music Spotlight: Da$H “V.I.C.E.S”




(Written by David Greco)

If you’ve been at least partially keeping up with the recent major resurgence of the New York rap scene then you have probably more than likely come across the young and super talented jersey MC Da$H. Mostly all I’ve ever heard from Da$H, previous to his recent title V.I.C.E.S was only collaboration work with his partner Retch, like the 8 track project released a year ago or so entitled La Cienaga. Which was a solid body of work but lacked a spark that would make any real noise.  V.I.C.E.S is a-whole-nother story though… Short and simply put, it is one of the most full-bodied and sophisticated mixtapes of 2013. Filled with drug infused, sex related, movie references, to straight up violent lyrics, but as the project develops you understand there is a lot more to take here. Da$H is very lyrical, and has a very cynical and distinct delivery. Through all the features he has on his own project (from the likes of Action Bronson, Ab Soul, A$AP Ferg, Vince Staples and more) nobody really outshines him and he stands out on every track which is very rare to see. I gave this album at least a week’s listening time because I think that’s important when judging music , how fast a certain sound can sound old and I can say certainly V.I.C.E.S passed that test. Its fresh the first time I heard it and I guarantee it still will be for the rest of the summer. The Production is all over the place with this project as well, but never falls off or feels out of place. From Trap to psychedelic to Jazz samples (Heard on the video single standout track “Brighton Beach’) there’s something for everyone’s eardrums. Don’t even have to bring up the fact that Da$H has some bloodline in the business being Damon Dash’s nephew, but im really excited to see what Da$H can do to elevate his presence in the game.. He’s well on his way.


Burnt / Fuck 1x



So Cold


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