Lineup For TIFF ’13 Announced, No One Is Ready


Do you feel it? There is something in the air. It’s the humidity, but also, the line up for TIFF 2013 was announced this morning. I’m not ready, but I’m so ready. It feels likes just yesterday that I was sitting, watching To The Wonder for what felt like several weeks, or getting my DVD copy of Jumanji signed by Kirsten Dunst (LET ME KNOW WHEN YOUR COPY HAS THIS OKAY). It just sneaks up on us every year and we’re never really prepared. I make a joke that I work out harder the month before TIFF, but I’m only half kidding. The festival is the most tiring, exhausting, amazing thing and I love it. Anyways, enough about me and my signed copy of Jumanji, let’s look at what this year’s festival has to offer.

There really is no more surprising us with TIFF. This isn’t a bad thing, necessarily, but every year the festival gets bigger and bigger and more and more films are being included. Why? Because THIS is where it starts. Not Cannes. Not Tribeca. Not Sundance. Toronto is the most important of all of the festivals. So, ya, obviously we’re getting Gravity, and Don Jon, and 12 Years A Slave (omg) and Sausage: Orange County (new title, deal with it) and so on and so forth. Click here for the full list. What I’m most excited for? Well, 12 Years, of course, but also Gravity, Can A Song Save Your Life?, Devil’s Knot, Dallas Buyers Club, All Is By My Side, etc… AND THIS ISN’T EVEN THE FULL LIST. This is just the beginning. I’m exhausted already. Can’t wait.

You can expect full coverage from us and make sure to follow me on Twitter (@JordanApps or @TheReelTimes) as I’ll be live tweeting my time at the festival because God forbid.



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