Looking At The Rest Of 2013 (By Guest Blogger David Greco)

(Written by David Greco)

FIRST OFF: these are the movies that I am excited for not movies that I think the majority or movies that your favorite aunt is excited for, so don’t fill your soul with rage if I don’t list the One Direction 3D-concert movie coming out. Although maybe I will be naming some flicks that I am not looking forward to although you may be, I’ll give my reasons.

I’m going to be listing the films also with a scale of five levels from not excited about to extremely excited about… just in different terms… That’ll look a little something like this:

Not excited = I will not give you my money.

Slightly excited = I might give you my money.

Pretty excited = I might just give you my money.

Excited = I might just very well give you my money.

Extremely excited = I will give you my money (Jordan: Greco is a finance first kind of guy)

So, let’s begin!


1. 2 Guns – I will not give you my money.

I just won’t… don’t bother me on this one… (Jordan: same)

2. The Spectacular Now –  I might just give you my money.

Kind of like a reverse Perks of Being a Wallflower-esque tale.. At least it seems that way. I think this movie has the chance to be something special, if it finds a way to be original.

3. Kick Ass 2 – I might give you my money.

I wasn’t a super huge fan of the first Kick Ass but I did enjoy it and appreciated the strides it took in being original in a genre or subgenre with a lack of.

4. jOBS – I won’t give you my money..

Half part lack of interest and half part Ashton Kutcher looks like hes holding in a laugh in every scene from what I’ve seen from the trailer (Jordan: remember when they used a Macklemore song in the trailer? Okay…)

5. Prince Avalanche – I might give you my money.


I don’t know too much about this film yet but It looks like it could be strangely funny. I love Paul Rudd and David Gordon Green directed Pineapple Express so that’s a good sign but he also directed Your Highness so…

6. Aint Them Bodies Saints – I might just very well give you my money.

A tale from the basically rookie writer/director David Lower or his biggest project thus far at least. Staring Casey Affleck the father to be outlaw who sacrifices his innocence and serves a murder sentence on his wife’s behalf, escapes from prison, scales across the Texas hills to be reunited… or not. Im just intrigued with the story and anything “western” so I really want to see how this one turns out.

6. Salinger – I might give you my money.

The trailer sold me pretty quick on this one, seems like the must watch documentary of the year.

7. Rush – I wont…

Using Ron Howards name as bait to try and get me to watch this.. he hasn’t made something worth a watch in almost decade. Not the biggest Chris Hemsworth fan either.

8. Don Jon – I might give you my money.

The directorial debut of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and at least hes smart enough to try something completely outrageous and original, even if this doesn’t quite work it could be a step in the right direction for him.

9. Carrie – I might just give you my money.

It’s been almost 40 years since the original groundbreaking Carrie(1976) Stephen king novel adaptation was released. This is a film is one that I think will benefit from getting the remake treatment. It will draw drastically different audiences: those who want to relive the first and those going in fresh. I think Chloe Grace Moretz will shine in this in a way we haven’t seen from her before (I agree but I have reservations)

10. The Fifth Estate – I might give you my money.

The story of Julian Assange and the almighty Wiki Leaks. I wonder how much of the story was twisted and turned to conform with a Hollywood script… I guess we’ll have to see for myself. Am I the only one who thinks they made a movie about this way too quick?

11. Oldboy – I might just very well give you my money.

Another remake, this time of Chan-wook Parks 2003 modern foreign classic with the same title. I haven’t seen the original fully, just one scene that was shown in my making movies class and I liked what I saw. I’ll definitely watch the original before if I ever do go out to see Spike Lee’s remake. Even though I haven’t seen the original I don’t expect Spikes to surpass it on any level but I don’t doubt that it will not be a good movie. Thats usually what happens with foreign remakes such as the The Ring and The Grudge.. Maybe The Departed being one of the only few “better” remakes and im sure that is debatable for some as well.

12. The Counselor – I might give you my money.

Havent been a fan of the most recent Ridley Scott films (Prometheus, Robin Hood, Body of Lies) but sometimes you just can’t deny him.. Hopefully this movie will be good enough to catapult his presence as an exceptional filmmaker back up. It looks like it might. Theres not much of a storyline released for this one yet but WOW what a stacked cast. Bradd Pitt, Michael Fassbender, Penelope Cruz, Cameron Diaz, Javier Bardem, John Leguizamo….looking good.

13. The Wolf of Wall Street – I will.

The Next chapter of The Martin Scorcese –Leonardo Di Caprio magic looks very promising and enormous. I don’t know why but the trailer just reminded me a bit of like a modern North By Northwest. Im excited for this. I don’t need to say much

14. 12 Years a Slave – I will give you my money.

The latest film from British director Steve Mcqueen dives into one of the most sensitive subjects to be portrayed on film and spoken about in society. Based on an incredible true story of one man’s fight for survival and freedom. This is definitely no Django Unchained and im sure Mr. Mcqueen will treat this picture with the utmost seriousness to capture the pain and physical and emotional suffering that happened within the United States and around the world. This will definitely be a heartfelt tale for many and I’m sure it will deliver.




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