NBC’s Hollywood Game Night Is Made For Me

When it was announced that NBC was picking up Sean Hayes’ Hollywood Game Night, I, naturally, shat myself. And then I saw the promos and I was reminded that this was actually happening. If you know me, you know there is nothing I love more than a game show and celebrities hanging out together, SO THIS IS MY LIFE.

Have you been watching it? It’s a mess. It’s edited to hell. Jane Lynch is a bit much. It has the weirdest flow and sometimes doesn’t feel natural because it’s so overly edited. I mean, in last night’s episode AMY POEHLER WAS NOT BLEEPED ONCE. You KNOW she swore that entire episode. But even with all this, it’s enjoyable. I mean, it’s really juvenile, but when the moments that haven’t been edited to death make their way to air, it’s f-cking great. And last night it proved it’s existence. With this:

If you watched the episode, and this mattered to you as much as it did to me, then we were meant to be.

Fuck, I love these two. And Jason Sudeikis is who I want to be.




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