You Can Go Home Again: Katherine Heigl May Return To TV

Deadline just reported that Izzie Steven Katherine Heigl is looking to return to TV. Maybe. Click here for all the details.

Well, well, well. This is certainly a surprise. We all know the story by now but I love to repeat it/myself so let’s go back in time, shall we? When Greys Anatomy was at the height of its popularity, Heigl decided to leave the show to pursue movie stardom. Upon leaving the, she bit the hand that fed her; Heigl declared that she decided to not put her name in for Emmy consideration because she didn’t find the writing to be strong that year. Oh. So, Heigl – for a hot second – becomes a movie star. 27 Dresses does big business and then  comes Knocked Up. Knocked Up is expectedly massive and only boosts her stardom. So, Heigl being Heigl, she decided to knock that as well – saying that it didn’t depict women in the greatest way. Oh. What follows? What follows is flop after flop after flop. And then came this amazingness:


And here we are, looking to come back home again.

The television vs cinema debate is the worst because I don’t think it holds any merit. When a TV show is great it’s better than anything else. And when a movie is great it’s better than anything else but for some reason people, critics, Hollywood – everyone holds cinema to a higher standard than television, making television actors feel inadequate next to movie stars. That’s why The Golden Globes are the f-cking greatest. Heigl knew this and saw the opportunity and took it. That’s fine. I totally get that and she left Grey’s at the right time (even though it’s stabilized and still a decent success, it’s not what it once was, naturally) but it was all in the way she did it and they way she shit on everyone around her.

But this is good news. I like this news. I don’t like that she’s returning to TV in the way of a procedural – but I’ll take it. I probably won’t watch it, but I support this. I want to like her and I want to see her succeed but she makes it so hard. I hope the writing is up to her standards.



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