Cast Of ‘Pitch Perfect’ To Release Holiday Album; “Cups” In Billboard Top 10

For the “duh, this makes sense” news item of the week I present to you this: Universal is making a smart life choice by having the cast of Pitch Perfect release a holiday album. Taking a page from The Book of Glee & Ryan Murphy, this comes as a complete surprise to no one. The sequel to the massive success is still two years away but why not capitalize on what you can now? I’ve written about Pitch Perfect’s numbers before (click here to recap) and it’s only improved since. But let’s add more to the story: Anna Kendrick’s “Cups” from the movie is now sitting pretty at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100. The success of this song is absolutely insane. The song is, what, 40 seconds long in the movie? And then it got the radio mix and here we are: if it keeps going this way, Kendrick could possibly end up with a #1 song. Just another reason no one needs Lindsay Lohan anymore.

To be clear though: the only holiday album we should be excited for is Mary J. Blige’s “A Mary Christmas” because that title is a gift from Jesus himself.


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