FOX Rumored To Pay Hugh Jackman All Of The Money To Play Wolverine Forever. Like, Ever.

The rumor mill is a spinnin’ with the news that FOX has offered $100 million to Hugh Jackman to play Wolverine for 4 more movies. This isn’t unheard, and, if you think about it, it’s actually not that much money. I mean, Marvel/Disney offered RDJ a lot of money for The Avengers 2. Because they know it is nothing without RDJ and Fox knows that with Hugh Jackman.  But keep in mind that the source of this news is the National Enquirer which means this is probably bogus. But let’s pretend it isn’t…

I’ve said this several times over but it’s worth repeating – Hugh Jackman IS Wolverine. There is no one else that in my eyes can play the character (right now). This isn’t Christian Bale here who was a fine Batman/Bruce Wayne but not the definitive one. So, sure, why not ring all that you can out of the most perfect casting choice there ever was?

But…if you were Hugh Jackman would you take the money? I would. I probably would. But wouldn’t you be tired of it by now? It’s been 13 years. We all have to graduate at some point. As I mentioned in my review of the extremely disappointing The Wolverine, the Wolverine Saga is getting repetitive now. I love X-Men, I love Hugh Jackman, but it’s never been about Wolverine for me. It’s always been about the ensemble. All of the X-Men. First Class worked well without Wolverine so why can’t future X-Men movies? Hugh Jackman is an extremely versatile and talented actor who I want to see break free from the claws of Wolverine (PUNNNNNNNN) but I mean, we all need a paycheck right? And not that he is that kind of actor, he isn’t. He loves Wolverine. He loves X-Men. He is grateful for the oppurtunity playing this character has brought him. Of course of course of course. But he’s not an idiot.

At the end of the day, what I hope this all means is that we will eventually, when he’s old enough, be getting an Old Man Logan movie because NOW THERE IS YOUR DEFINITIVE WOLVERINE MOVIE.


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