TIFF Recap #1: I Blue Myself


This point in my TIFF going career, I kind of have a routine. I know which venues I want/will go to. I know which days I will commit to. I know where I’m eating well in advance. It’s all very much routine and it keeps thing well paced in something that is very chaotic. Routine, now, has become attending the Jason Reitman Live Read. Albeit, it’s only been twice now but if it happens again next year and the year after that, I’m there because it’s such a great experience. But let’s begin with the opening day of TIFF, because the Cumberbitches came out in full force.

I did not attend The Fifth Estate premiere because I’m busy but it kicked off the festival (as did the anniversary screening of The Big Chill with the cast in attendance. Did you attend that? How was it?). I heard it was pandamonium (hence the Cumberbitches which is what his fans are called though I still argue that they should be called Cucumbers because duh). The reviews have been mostly positive, almost everyone is praising his performance more than the film as a whole.  Day 2 was a bit more eventful.

So, the live read. This year it was Boogie Nights. Last year was American Beauty. I don’t, like, lose myself over these movies, but I enjoy both of them. But the live read is a must expierience for any film nerd because it’s just so awesome. If I could go back in time, buy a ticket to LA to have watch The Breakfast Club one, I very much would. The thing about the TIFF Live Reads (not sure if the other ones work the same way) is that you don’t find out about who will be reading until the week/day of. Who was one of the first announced? Dane Cook. If you listened closely, you could hear all of Twitter collectively groan. I mean, really? Then Olivia WIlde, my former nemesis, was announced. Dakota Fanning, Josh Brolin, Jason Sudeikis followed. And theeeeeeen it was announced that Jessie Eisenberg would be reading the role of Dirk Diggler made famous by Marky Mark. It’s not that these names aren’t big enough – they are – just, together, it’s kind of…meh. Thankfully, this changed during the actual read. Guys, Dane Cook made me laugh. Maybe even laugh hard. I’m not sure. I’m not fully admitting to this either, I’m just saying it MIGHT HAVE HAPPENED. Sudeikis killed it. Fanning was adorably filthy. And, you guys, Olivia Wilde won me the f-ck over. To know me is to know how much I despise her. Or, more specifically, how much I despise her career and how hard they tried to make her happen. But I get it now. She’s magnetic. And so f-cking beautiful, it’s insane. The Live Read went really well and was funnier than expected.


I tried to get a picture with Sudeikis but he didn’t stop for anything after the read, but not in a rude way, and heard he was very generous on the carpet when the cast first arrived. Eisenberg, however, was his usual pricky self. I ended up staying around for the premiere of Jason Bateman’s Bad Words, because I’m a committed Arrested fan. He was generous as always and attached is a terrible of me and him.


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