TIFF Recap #2: 12 Hours A Standing In The Rain

Today was A Day. A Day that reminded me 1) why I love movies so much 2) this is very much what I want to do c) how much I’ve grown as an individual.

Toronto isn’t known for it’s #blessed weather but when TIFF rolls around, the weather tends to cooperate. It’s rained here or there – for a few minutes, an hour max – on the odd year or so, but never to the extent of today’s unfortunate weather. It rained. A lot. Like, to the point where I may have pneumonia. Am I exaggerating? For sure, but you’re thoroughly entertained right now and not complaining, so let’s continue. I was very wet. Let’s go back some more: I got no sleep. I was too excited about today. So no sleep + lots of rain = me looking like this:

Beauty is the word you’re looking for (#nofilter). This year I wasn’t so lucky to get that many tickets, so this is the first time I’ve actually participated in the rush line. I’ve attempted some years but usually opted out or was lucky enough to get tickets off of someone selling them prior to the screening. The rush line was fine and I got into both screenings I rushed for, but again, the rain. 2 hours of standing in the rain. Did I mentioned it rained? I was all the colours of wet and I had no time to dry off when I got inside for my first screening because the movie had started so I sat in all of my wetness. As uncomfortable as I may have been, if all movies were as good as the movies I saw today (12 Years A Slave, Labor Day) I would wait in the rain always.

12 Years A Slave: So, when I say I cried, I mean I weeped. Like, you could hear me from the balcony. And I wasn’t the only one. Near the end, you couldn’t hear the movie because the audience was collectively trying to catch their breath. McQueen directs a stunning, haunting & jarring movie with 12 Years, reminding us how talented he is. The cinematography is absolutely breath-taking. Lead actor Chiwetel Ejiofor broke me. Fassbender is terrifying. This is a very powerful movie. That word gets thrown around so much it’s lost it’s meaning but there is a power behind 12 Years. It hit me like a movie hasn’t hit me in a while. Stunning achievement.


12 Years cast sans-Pitt. Chiwetel received a standing ovation when he was introduced.

There was a Q&A after the movie. Photo is attached. To be perfectly honest I wasn’t paying attention to what McQueen & the cast had to say because I was preoccupied with wanting to dry off/get a spot to meet Amy Poehler. I didn’t get to interact with Poehler so much – didn’t have a great spot/the rain, but she was sweet as can be, thanked us for waiting in the rain, looked great and signed a lot of autographs but  took no pictures which was useless to me. I really wanted to take an “unimpressed selfie” with her but, here we are. Then we fast-forward through more rain, someone confusing Josh Brolin with Josh Groban and then I saw Labor Day.

Labor Day cast.

Labor Day cast.

Labor Day: I am a very big fan of Jason Reitman. I’ve liked-loved almost every film of his. Up In The Air remains my favourite, but Labor Day his is most distinguished and mature work yet. Tonally, it’s very different from his usual stuff – darker than expected. The film feels like an achievement, like he set out to prove that he could direct something as dramatic as this. Josh Brolin outshines Winslet, though she is brilliant as always. Tobey Maguire is the voice over which is what he should always be and nothing more. Much like 12 Years, the film is visually stunning. Wonderful score too. I don’t know if this will be as big of a sell as his past work, but it’s fantastic.

Today was as long as a day as TIFF can get for us who aren’t accredited, but to quote the prolific Icona Pop, I don’t care, I love it.

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