Watch: Teaser Trailer For ‘Grace of Monaco’

The trailer for Grace of Monaco premiered online earlier this morning. It’s attached above. It’s…pretty. There isn’t much else to it. Old white people are going to loveeee it. If it’s good, and if she is good, we could see Nicole going head to head with Meryl & Cate, who, right now seem to be the front runners for Best Actress, and with Sandra Bullock, who seems to be surging after the premiere of Gravity at TIFF (which, all the praise is warranted as she is incredible). But, I’m ready for The Return of The Queen, Nicole Kidman. Not that she dissappeared, because she hasn’t – she’s been working constantly over the last few years and turning out some wonderful movies & stellar performances (Rabbit Hole & Stoker are my favourites) but remember when there was no one else besides Nicole Kidman? Around the time of The Hours through Stepford and even Bewitched. All varying in terms of success, but even when they bombed, like Bewitched, they bombed spectacularly. Also: Practical Magic is a great movie and after this picture of Nicole at NYFF…



..I think that that Nicole (who was never hotter than she was in Practical Magic) is back.



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