Jimmy Fallon Continues To Be Having The Most Fun


Who is your go to Late Night guy? Are you a Jon Stewart type? A Letterman? As long as no one here is a Leno, we’re all good.

Jimmy Fallon is my go to guy. I don’t watch the show regularly but I’ll always make sure to catch clips of interviews and the skits. When I went to New York a view years ago I attended a taping of the show. I mean, did we hug when he ran through the audience as the credits were rolling? Ya, we did. Was it amazing? Ya it was.

To me, there is no one on late night that is having more fun right now than Jimmy Fallon. You probably know this by now. He may not be the best interviewer, but he knows that and thats not his main goal. Jimmy Fallon has always entertained, – err, that’s mostly true if we ignore the movie career (though I’ll always love Fever Pitch).  And more important – his guest look like they’re always having fun. And the audience. A lot of his skits bring me genuine joy. When was the last time, say, Kimmel brought you joy? I hate to pit them against one another because they have different styles for the most part and, for me, Fallon wins – which is not to discredit Kimmel, who I think creates funny things with funny people but he himself never makes me laugh. I hope this kind of fun continues once he takes over The Tonight Show. 

This week he’s been all over the internet with what him and his guest have been doing on the show. The Hashtag sketch with Timberlake got the most traction but that didn’t do a lot for me. I loved this week’s sing-a-long with Jimmy, Quest & the muppets from Sesame Street singing the Sesame Street theme song. WHAT MORE DOES ONE NEED?



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