SNL Recap: It’s Baaaaaaaaaaaack

It’s finally back! I’ve missed doing these recaps. A part of me wanted to stay home last night, not attend my own birthday celebrations and watch and then recap SNL because I am committed/no fun. And with Tina hosting we were guaranteed, at the very least, a semi-decent episode which is what we got and I’ll take it and not complain about it.

Can we first point out how good Tina has been looking (even though she would hate that we are doing so?)? Because damn Tina, damnnnnnnn:


The Cold Open: My rule of thumb with the show has always been that if the cold open is bad, the rest of the show is bad. I skipped through the the cold open, so if it was bad the rest of the show, luckily, did not follow suit. I think my rule of thumb no longer applies as Lorne does his political-cold opens out of spite at this point.

The Monologue: Loved this monologue so much. Thought it was a fresher take on the typical song & dance routine. I liked the fact that Tina poked fun at the fact that her success at SNL and after it was never based on her impressions, but really, the lack thereof. With that said, I need Queef Latina to be a thing.

The Best Sketches: Usually, they start the show with the strongest sketch and last night this was never more true. The Girls parody is brilliant and seriously funny (Kate McKinnon’s Jessa was KILLER and newcomer Noel Wells’ Lena Dunham impression was also very strong). Tina’s Blerta is typical Tina and I loved it.

What followed was the Airline Passenger sketch which, admittedly, was pretty forgettable but in the moment, I thought it was pretty funny. Bobby Moniyan’s face as the airline passenger who farts absolutely killed me (Drunk Uncle remains The Worst by the way) and I loved Aidy Bryant as the airline passenger who claps if only because my father is that person. I just liked the normalcy to the sketch.

The E-Meth short was smart & funny but the joke didn’t sustain itself for the entire thing, but was ultimately saved by Aaron Paul’s great cameo (I may not like Breaking Bad but I can’t ignore the relevancy of the show and the hold it has on the zeitgeist right now). And, as always, the Porn Star sketch was great. This may have been my least favourite one out of the bunch; it didn’t attack me with amazing one-liners as it usually does but the girls were committed as always and it was still pretty funny overall.

Weekend Update: I like Cecily in this. I think Kate would have been a stronger choice but also would have been more obvious. I think Lorne, obviously, sees more potential in Kate with her character and I like that he chose Cecily as it was very unexpected. I think she did well in her debut and will continue to grow. I don’t know why this portion of my recap became so formal and life-affirming but it is.

The Worst Sketches: Nothing was outright terrible last night, which was nice.


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