Why Brooklyn Nine-Nine Is The Most Promising Show Of The New Season


I hope you all have been watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine. If you have been avoiding it because you, like me, had assumed that it would be a dud and would be cancelled before it even got 7 episodes – well don’t avoid it anymore and get to steppin’ (or just watch all 3 episodes OnDemand rightnow).

Brooklyn Nine Nine is not only the most promising show of the new season (next to Sleepy Hollow, of course. You guys, it’s so good, I promise), it’s the only new show that is fully realized. And this, my friends, for a freshman comedy is so incredibly rare. It’s garnering a lot of comparisons to Parks & Rec because it shares a lot of the same people (Parks co-creator Mike Shur, and Parks writer Dan Goor). Parks & Rec had a troubling first season, and, unlike Brooklyn Nine-Nine, it was not fully realized until midway through season 2. And now? Well now, it’s flourished into a beautiful, beautiful piece of television. Imagine what this show can be like in a few season, heck, even by the end of this first season? I’m very excited to see.

What do I mean by fully realized? I mean that this show knows exactly what wants and needs to be. Again, it’s basically Parks & Rec but in a police station. The characters are already clearly defined and you have your favourites. Chelsea Peretti is absolutely killing it. My biggest concern with this show was the star himself – Andy Samberg. He was never my most or least favourite on SNL; I just never saw the potential and when I had heard that he was headlining a sitcom, I was weary. But he’s proven me wrong, so wrong; he is shining in this. He’s hilarious, refined and perfectly Samberg without being too much. Again, much like Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope. Guys, the comparisons between the two are endless and that’s very okay.

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