That Casey Wilson Reign Just Won’t Let Up


We begin this post by having a moment of silence for Happy Endings. It is right now most evident that the beloved and critically acclaimed program is no longer with us. It’s sew not cyuttteee and some pretty roof stoof. (If you don’t get these references, you can get out).

It was just announced that Casey Wilson has sold ANOTHER TV show. This time to NBC. It’s called The Mason Twins, which she helped create with friend/Ass Backwards co-star June Raphael. The two will write the script and exec-produce it. Earlier this year they sold DINKS (Double Income, No Kids – this is a genius title/acronym) to ABC.

So, while I continue to scour the internet for a morsel of information on if/when the third and finale season of Happy Endings will ever be released on DVD (this is the closest I’ve come), it’s nice knowing she’s just not sitting around. She’s busy. As is the rest of the cast, really: Adam Pally’s stint on The Mindy Project began this week (fits in nicely), Damon Wayans Jr. has (re)joined New Girl, Eliza Coupe is joining House of Lies (do I have to watch this now? Not even the combination of Veronica Mars and Jane Kerkovich has me remotely interested) and Elisha got married over the summer and has been guest-hosting on CTV’s The Social.

With all that said: I’m still bitter, still missing it, and will never forget.




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