Tami Taylor Says Coach Eric Taylor Doesn’t Want To Do A ‘Friday Night Lights’ Movie

If “Hey ya’ll” or “Texas forever” are near and dear to your heart, this post is for you and we just became best friends…

I must admit before I actually begin this post that I am a new die-hard Friday Night Lights fan. It was only this summer that I ever watched an episode (and then, you know, watched the entire series in like…3 weeks?). But, for those who are fans of the show know, it just hits you. Once you go Texas, you never go back. So whenever there is ANYTHING Friday Night Lights related, I will try and talk about it.

So Tami Taylor (birth name: Connie Britton) was on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live last night and this clip is kind of making the rounds. Andy Cohen is having the most fun on TV but also gets exactly what he needs to from his guests: a juicy soundbite. When asked about the ongoing rumors of a movie based on the TV show (which was based on the movie, which was based on the book…) Connie says it’s probably not going to happen. She would love to do it as long as the material is great, but Kyle Chandler doesn’t feel the need to go back. And I’m right beside him on that one. Those 5 seasons captured everything I needed and will ever want from this series, and I never need to go back. Now – with that said – if Kyle Chandler all of a sudden changes his mind, I, like Andy Cohen, will be first in line on opening night.

The entire clip is worth the watch if you’re a fan. Andy let’s his fangirl out and we can’t judge him because if we could, we would do the exact same thing. Connie goes on to say that she, like everyone else, she didn’t care for the murder plotline in season 2. Duh.


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