Top 5 ‘Friends’ Thanksgiving Episodes

happy thanksgiving friends1

The biggest part of the holidays is the tradition of it all. The food. The family. The yelling. It’s always the same and it always feels right. Like, every year on Thanksgiving after I’m done eating and have become immobile, I bravely make my way downstairs, far away from my family and marathon the Thanksgiving Friends episodes. So let’s put all that time I’ve wasted to some good use with this very scientific and formal list of my favourite ones:

5. The One With The Late Thanksgiving

It’s not the most memorable of episodes but is on here because it works for the most part, but is more sentimental than anything else. It’s from the final season and it’s sweet and we get a nice final Thanksgiving episode.

4. The One Where Ross Got High

For an otherwise by-the-books Thanksgiving episode, this one makes it’s way onto the list if only because of the trifle scene. It’s of one of the more memorable ones from the series and the bloopers make it even better.

3. The One With The Football

This is the show at it’s best. It’s a bottle episode the works outside of just the apartment, keeping the gang together throughout it’s run. If I were to look back on the entire series, this could very well be on a list of all-time most memorable episodes.

2. The One With The Rumor

The series never really “stunt” casted, they just got really good guest stars. Brad Pitt isn’t known for his comedy skills but when he turns it on, he can land jokes with the best of ’em. He’s spectacular in this episode, his chemistry with the cast is sensational and it’s a fantastic episode.

1. The One With Rachel’s Other Sister

This is my favourite Thanksgiving episode because it is Friends at it’s best: solid guest star, another bottle episode, the gang is together and it’s exceptionally written. To borrow from Monica, it’s just joke after joke after joke and the cast is on fire. The fight scene between Rachel and her sister (played wonderfully by Christina Appelgate) is so good and it just builds from there: the fight, the plate break, Monica fainting. I can quote the entire episode but am desperately trying not to.



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