‘Veronica Mars’ Trailer Is Here: Why I Hope It Caters To The Fans

Attached is the trailer – an actual trailer, which is welcomed after months of clips on clips on clips – for the Veronica Mars movie. Watch it, come back, and we’ll discuss…

Okay, so it’s like “good, oh this looks good” for most of the trailer…AND THEN the last line “original enough for ya!?” hits and all the feelings came in like a wrecking ball. It’s that moment in the trailer when everything feels right and I feel secure in my over-excitement regarding this movie. But on the real, it looks GOOD, right? God, I can’t wait.

What I can wait for is the expected arguing over whether the movie caters to fans enough or not. I think it will, it looks like it will, and I think it should. Entirely. This movie is a product for the fans, BY the fans, so it SHOULD cater TO the fans, right? I mean, this isn’t the reboot of Star Trek; no one is trying to garner any new fans in hope of exposing the world to something they were missing. That is what Netflix or On Demand or the Veronica Mars DVDs are for, so when you finally become a believer in this amazing series, then you can access the movie. Right?


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