SNL Recap: I’m So, I’m So, I’m So Proud of Drake


When it was announced that Drake would be hosting Saturday Night Live, I went through the three typical stages that are identified with Saturday Night Live: confusion, hope and concern. I assumed, and hoped, he would follow the Taylor Swift/Bruno Mars and, thankfully, he did. Drake hosted one of the stronger episodes of Saturday Night Live this season and, really, we shouldn’t be that surprised.

For me, it was all in the A-Rod impression during the otherwise mediocre cold open. I mean, A Rod isn’t the easiest character to do right off the bat (pun most definitely intended) but as soon as he started speaking, I was at ease. He was good! Really good! And then he followed it up with that monologue, which was, for me, the best monologue in FOREVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER. Why? Because it was so, so unexpected and original and fun. I loved it. Even when the sketches were shit (the Disney Indiana Jones ride, Nancy Grace and Mornin’ Miami ones were particularly weak) he was still, really really good and committed and just gave himself up to Lorne and the team. How many other celebrities, especially rappers, would do the same? Very few.

The strongest sketches? I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed the Resolution Revolution one. Love it so much, I’ve watched it several times since the episode aired, which is always a good sign. The BET: Before They Were Stars one was uneven, but when it worked (the Rihanna, Lil Wayne impressions were my favourite) it was stellar. And the Slumber Party one is the most notable, at least for me: Drake was strong with his impressions, yes, but his original character work was even better. He was just as good as the cast members in the Slumber Party sketch. And the cosplay moment in the Resolution Revolution sketch kills me every single time.

Guys, I’m just really proud of Drake right now.



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