Seth Meyers, Welcome To Late Night

It feels weird actively staying up to watch The Tonight Show. Are you doing this too now because of Jimmy? Jimmy is doing so, so well on The Tonight Show – so well that I’m going out of my way to watch the full show live. I never did that with Late Night, so I don’t know why, because he’s just as good here as he was there, but regardless, I like it. Last night was the premiere of Late Night with Seth Meyers. Did you watch?

It was….okay. It was very much a First Show and for a first show, it was fine, but there is a lot to be worked on, like that f-cking set. This budget desk + two chairs combo they bought at Business Depot 3 days before the show aired needs to go. Fred Armisen’s band stage looks like he might fall through it, and the background is a bit much color wise. As for Seth? He was so nervous, you could tell, but he did well enough. I don’t think the material was as strong as it should have been – I remember only a handful of the jokes and even then, they weren’t knockouts. But when Amy Poehler is your first guest, you really don’t need to do much work. Amy is the best guest a talk show host can have. Have you ever spent your Saturday night in a Tina & Amy YouTube blackhole? It’s the best kind of pre-party. There are too many Amy interviews to link to, but just go and have a field day. It feels weird to say someone is a great guest on a talk show, like when you say a celebrity is “the nicest”, as if they shouldn’t be anything other than nice but you’re still surprised when they are nice. But there are so many celebrities who suck at interviews and ultimately it speaks to their personality. Of course Seth and Amy are friends and it was like eavsdropping on two best friends at a coffee shop talking shit (the bit with Fred is amazing) but again, she’s so damn engaging, funny and smart.


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