Intermedia: How A Film Blog Can Alter The Context of A Video

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year, or you just don’t follow sports(in which case you may deserve to live under a rock) you probably heard about the catastrophic, unbelievable, too farfetched to be a movie, collapse the Toronto Maple Leafs gave up against the Boston Bruins in April of 2013. Before I get into it, we have to understand just how brutal the defeat was. Unfortunately, I rewatched the above highlights prior to writing this, and if this was Dragon Ball Z, my pure rage would allow me to become a Super Saiyan(sorry for this reference). But the main purpose of this post is to talk about what happens to the audience when our expectations are not met.

When we pay money to go watch a movie, we likely have an idea of what we are getting into. We choose to watch horror movies like The Conjuring, because we want to be scared shitless, (or in my case, because I hate horror movies and want to see what the spiel is about). But imagine you went into this horror movie, and it truly was a comedy, or simply didn’t stick to the formula of a horror movie. 1) You would likely leave the theatre disappointed and unsatisfied, and 2) your perception of the horror genre and what truly is horror may have changed in the process.

Now, imagine if the aforementioned Leafs game became a Hollywood movie. It would likely have to follow the formula of past sports movies(underdog has to beat stacked opposing team), such as The Mighty Ducks. This is where we the viewer were taught to root for the underdog, and if the Leafs game was a movie, the Bruins are definitely the bad guys. Imagine If the Ducks lost to the Hawks, your childhood, along with mine would likely have been destroyed. So, what I’m saying is, the Leafs game, as polarizing and entertaining as it was, would be far too much for a viewer to handle in a Hollywood setting and would likely cause a massive stir-up amongst fans, because if the formula has taught us one thing, it’s that the bad guys can absolutely not beat the good guys. This dissatisfaction in a horror setting is probably the equivalent of expecting a big scare and not getting it. For example because of the trailer of The Conjuring, we all knew that the scene in which the “demon” claps would come when Carolyn was seated at the stairwell in the dark. If that didn’t happen, we would probably all be like WTF?? OMG!!!! And this was exactly my reaction, and probably most Leafs’ fans reactions at the end of this hockey game.

If you watched this game in theatres, how would you react to the ending?

Like this Vine video? (click here to watch)

Also playing on this idea of expectation vs reality, how did you react when you came to check what was new on thereeltimes, and saw a sports post? Likely, it either intrigued you, or confused you. Or it made you boycott this blog forever; in which case, this post wins in making its point.


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