Let’s Talk About Last Night’s Episode of ‘The Good Wife’


I’ve been meaning to write about The Good Wife for some time now. I watched the first 4 and a half seasons in about 2 weeks last month and it’s one of my better life choice. In all seriousness, if you consider yourself a true watcher of TV and you are NOT watching The Good Wife, you’re doing it wrong. It’s on CBS, sure. It’s a procedural, yes. But it’s so much more than those two things. It’s not just for your parents, TRUST ME. It’s quietly the best show on TV. I wish it was titled House of Cards because it is so much more appropriate for this show. Just…just trust me. But, before I go on….





Alright, Let’s Talk About This ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot

It’s been in the works for a while. Most of the casting has been “rumored” for months and then, yesterday, they decided to spill that Michael B. Jordan and Kate Mara are “nearing” deals, while Miles Teller and Jamie Bell are still in talks. Again, we’ve known about these names for their roles for several weeks now, so not a lot of people were *that* surprised. Well…


Not to be racist, but people are still ignorant. This kind of reaction from certain individuals, with, um, certain mindsets, was expected. I feared it was coming. I mean, the internet nearly broke when Ben Affleck was chosen to play Batman. Here’s how I feel about this entire thing: Michael B. Jordan’s casting for this pointless reboot of a franchise that no one cared for to start with, is the only inspired thing about it. It’s smart, it’s fresh, it’s exciting, it’s necessary; there are enough white superheroes, thanks very much. As I noted today on Twitter, audiences identify with the character and not the presentation of the character, this kind of inspired casting is more than welcome, it’s needed. What offends me most about this cast is Miles Teller, because to be honest, wake me up when we’re done trying to make him happen.

So now I have to defend this unnecessary Fantastic Four reboot. Why? Because it just made itself important. Because this kind of ignorance will only get louder once the movie goes into production. Because people like to be heard, especially the stupid. This reboot of a failed franchise is now as unnecessary as it is important.

That’s Quite Enough, Melissa McCarthy

Disclaimer: I like Melissa McCarthy. She may not have fulfilled the potential set-out by her amazing performance in Bridesmaids,  but I like her. The Heat is really good and she’s really good in it and was the best part of This Is 40 and made me laugh, like, once, in Identity Thief which I still haven’t forgiven her for. So I like her. I do, but… this new trailer for Tammy, the movie she and her husband wrote (and he, Ben Falcone, directed) isn’t encouraging.

Before Bridesmaids (which, let me make clear, she is brilliant in and deserved that Oscar nomination) Melissa McCarthy did a lot of small, quirky parts. To a lot of you, she is best known for her role on Gilmore Girls. To the other 5 people, myself included, you remember her time on Samantha Who? (take a moment to bow you heads and remember Samantha Who?). On either show she played to aspects of her comedy we’ve come to enjoy (or be annoyed by) but it was way more subtle. I assume she plays the same type of “normal” on Mike & Molly but I won’t watch that until it becomes The Melissa McCarthy Show it should have been from the beginning (or, just, Molly).

I’m not disqualifying her talent, there are others on the internet who would love to do so. It’s that Tammy does not show me anything else, anything new, it’s just another variation of one of her sketch characters we’ve seen when she hosts Saturday Night Live (which, by the way, her most recent hosting job was subpar). But it clicks. The general audiences LOVE this shit. This is why Identity Thief did so, so well. The Heat too but that is a good movie. Maybe I’m jaded because I assumed Tammy wouldn’t be this kind of movie, I thought, with her writing, it would be a bit more grounded. Granted, I’m judging from a 2 minute teaser trailer that is just from one scene (and it did make me laugh) but still, it seems it follows her Psychopath With A Heart of Gold-shtick. She’s more than this. I support her, I love that she is a hugely successful movie star, but if we’re going to shit on, who, Johnny Depp for playing the same character all the time, then she deserves some shit too.

How Hollywood Stopped Worrying & Learned To Love January


Typically, January – March was (and for the most part, still is) always seen as a dumping ground for movies. Jan – March and August/beginning of September. These months became less about good films and more about those stinkers they’ve had lingering around for a while. Movies had always done decently at the beginning of the year (Along Came Polly, Just Married, Are We There Yet?) but it wasn’t until Cloverfield in 2008, which opened to $40 million, that Hollywood thought, hey, we could open something that felt like a summer release during the winter months – and it could also be good!


The ‘Gone Girl’ Entertainment Weekly Cover Is Great, Remains Promising


This morning Entertainment Weekly released this week’s cover which features the upcomming Gone Girl adaptation (attached). The cover was shot by David Fincher who is also directing the film. For fans of the book, this is everything. For non-fans, this will become your everything. It’s fantastic, right? This could (should) be the poster I’ve been bitching about EW’s lacking covers, but lately they’ve been picking up.

This is just an image – of course, we’re still far away from a trailer and the movie itself, but it’s all so promising. Not that I was ever worried about Fincher but the casting choices weren’t what I had in mind or wanted, really. But this image has me sold on both Affleck & Rosamund. As for the adaptation itself? Well, apparently Fincher & author of the book Gillian Flynn have been working together on the screenplay and have said it will veer (not completely) from the source material. For fans of the book, or me at least, this is what I wanted to hear because…that ending. And, like, that one part near the end. You know the part. Okay, I’ll stop BUT I hope that is what they’re going to change because that is when a film adaptation of a beloved book can become more successful; when it fixes what it can.

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It Was A Very Important (And Record Breaking) Weekend At The Box Office


“Hey girl, you a bad bitch”
“You too, girl, you too”

Sisters are doing it for themselves, quite literally; the #1 and #2 films at the North American box office this weekend feature female leads. Strong female leads, too. This is remarkable because, off the top of my head, there has been only a handful of movies this year that featured lead female characters. So ya, it’s kind of a big deal.

Why is this a big deal? Because the year in film has been dominated by men and though that isn’t particularly surprising, it is just as troubling and another reminder of how male-dominated the medium is. Sandra Bullock can only star in so many female led blockbusters, okay? The first Hunger Games film told Hollywood “Hey, females can lead action-driven blockbusters too” and Catching Fire reminded them of this. Frozen, while it may be an animated film and seen as less important in it’s sexuality mission, it is equally notable: most of the animated films released this year feature male leads, with secondary female characters (are the minions in Despicable Me asexual/gender neautral? I digress).

It’s not that films featuring female leads (and female leads that are strong characters) are non-existent, because they’re not, but they appear so rarely that they might as well be. Back to Sandra Bullock: The Heat was a wonderful reminder that both men and women will show up to see an action/buddy-cop movie that features female leads. I know, shocker. And Gravity? Well, besides it being amazing, it reminded them that women can lead and deliver and action-blockbuster. Again, shocker.

Amy Poehler is often asked about her opinion on being asked the deplorable and exhausted “are women funny?” question. Her response is always remarkable: it’s not even question. It isn’t. It shouldn’t be. Why is it, though? Because Mike comes before Molly, because it’s Two & A Half Men, because no one watches Parks & Recreation, because Liz Lemon is polarizing, etc… So just like the women in comedy issue, the women in film is, to borrow from Poehler, a non-issue. They exist. It’s happening more and more, and this weekend, they broke records. But why do we have to wait so long to see films with female leads? That is the problem. Sex & The City and Bridesmaids were years apart with few in between. So, it’s going to take a while. We get The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 next November, so, I mean, we have Katniss once a year but that’s almost done. Then what? Frozen 2? Unfortunately, that isn’t enough.

In The Hollywood Reporter Roundtable: Actress Edition, Emma Thompson brings up Joss Whedon and how he is always asked “why do you write such strong female characters?” While Joss is always gracious about it and is willing to go into detail, Thompson cuts the shit as she always does, and, again, like Poehler, declares that that is not a question. Why WOULDN’T he write strong female characters? Because he is a man? That is why he is asked, because no one is asking the female screenplay writers why they are writing strong male characters. So once we stop purposing such inane questions, start looking at the figures and the facts, and realize that “if you build it, they will come” is the truest statement, then we can move forward. But let’s soak in this weekend. Because we have to. Because I don’t know when the next one will come.

Sticking To What Works: An 8th ‘Saw’ Movie Is In Development

They see me rollin'. They hatin'....

They see me rollin’. They hatin’….

Yesterday it was announced that an 8th Saw movie has gone into development. This comes to no ones surprise as this past October did not perform as expected (aside from Gravity which made all of the money). While 2013 as a whole hasn’t been lacking in horror and The Conjuring was a blockbuster for the genre, October usually has more than just one major horror movie. This years? The Carrie remake! Who ever made this decision should be fired. Not to remake Carrie but to not have any other horror movies open during the month. I think it was assumed that there would have been a 5th Paranormal Acitivty movie this year but, in a welcomed turn, they decided to skip this year – reassess the franchise’s game plan and, as a result, we’re getting one next year (which, I for one, and very excited for) and the latino-centered spin-off Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, which looks like a hot mess so see you there.