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Emily Blunt Is Selling ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ All By Herself, And It’s Working

Every generation there is a chosen one…

Sorry, I’ve started my Buffy rewatch…but there is a connection. In every Tom Cruise movie, there is female lead 20 years his junior. In Tom Cruise’s personal life, there is female lead who is 20 years his junior. They all do their best to sell the product, but not all of them show up for the job or are up for it. Emily Blunt has started doing press for Edge of Tomorrow, and while Emma Stone did a great job selling The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (I’ve watched that lipsynch video probably 100 times), Emily Blunt is doing this all on her own. If you’ve noticed, Tom hasn’t done much, if any, North American press yet (but he’s coming…) and she’s already appeared on both Ellen and Jimmy Kimmel to promote the film. On both shows she’s funny, charming, engaging and does an amazing Tom Cruise impression. No, seriously, can we get a super cut of her impression because it’s a game changer (it’s the way she says “…it’s…a challenge” on Kimmel that does it in for me).

So Emily Blunt’s sold me on Edge of Tomorrow (though I’m in the minority that was already sold on this movie) but at the same time, why hasn’t *it* happened for her yet. She’s had several attempts at becoming a really big star (she was fairly close to being Black Widow) but still isn’t a household name. To many, she’s still “the one from The Devil Wears Prada“. Which, fine, she’s still ours. We haven’t outgrown her or are annoyed with. In fact, these kind of interviews are a treat and I am looking forward to her being overexposed for the next few weeks.

Maybe it’s a good thing she hasn’t broken…


‘Gone Girl’ Update: Ben Affleck Eyes Role, Theron, Portman And Blunt Rumored For Amy


Months ago I decided to cast the film adaptation of the book of 2012, Gone Girl. Click here to re-visit. In the post I declared that Fassbender was my David and that Rachel McAdams was my Amy. They were both long-shots, of course. Today it was announced Ben Affleck is currently eyeing to play David. In addition to that, three names are currently in the running to play Amy. Natalie Portman, Emily Blunt and one of my picks, Charlize Theron.

My thoughts? I have no real opinion or issue with Affleck. It’s a little uninspired and he’s not my favourite actor, but he is more than capable of pulling off David. I wish it was Fassbender, but here we are. As for the ladies? I really don’t see Natalie Portman in this role. If you’re a fan of Blunt, like myself, then this could be her long, long, long overdue breakout moment but still not my top choice. And if it goes to Charlize I completely support that. And her and Affleck aesthetically match.



READ: Your #TIFF12 Rundown


The announcement was made this morning. A quarter of the films being shown at TIFF have been named. But first: did you see the drama unfold on Twitter as Variety published the list before TIFF was even able to make the announcement themselves? It was the best shit ever. But not as amazing as the Dark Knight Rises battle between the nerds that happened on the weekend between @FirstShowing and @SlashFilm. That was so amazing I’d like it chronicled in a 7 installment book series.

Back to Toronto, back to TIFF! So, thoughts? Admittedly, I was a little underwhelmed but I also fully expected The Master to open the festival, so that’s my own fault. But, like with every year, I read the list of films coming to the festival but never actually register which film that is and who is in it. I mean, Thank You For Sharing with Paltrow, Ruffalo and Pink is coming to the festival (I like a good indie comedy at TIFF) and Imogene with Kristen Wiig and Annette Benning. See? I’m already more excited just writing those names down.

As announced today, Looper (with Bruce Willis, Joseph-Gordon Levitt and Emily Blunt) would be opening the festival. This year TIFF is going for blockbuster meets indie, and I think that perfectly describes Looper. And, I mean, this film is just getting so much f-cking buzz, it was a good decision. I don’t know if The Master is eventually going to be announced, but I do think they missed an oppurtunity there.

Click here for the full list of films coming to the festival. It’s another exciting year at TIFF, I’m already exhausted from it BUT… you guys, my God Joss Whedon is coming to TIFF. If I meet him. I don’t even know…