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So, About ‘The How I Met Your Mother’ Finale


The finale for a series is a tricky thing to accomplish. If you know it’s coming, it’s something you have to plan which is a weird thing. With a film, the ending is definite and intentional with the initial conception of the plot; it is a singular thing. With television, if your series is lucky (or unlucky) enough to run 8, 9, or 10 years, how do you wrap that all up in an hour? You can’t. You can…but you can’t. That’s why finales are, generally, so displeasing. When you look back on a series, is the finale ever your favourite episode? Probably not.

Tonight marked the end of How I Met Your Mother’s 9 year run. It’s been…exhausting. I had a falling out with the show this year. I was initially so excited for the final season; the setting seemed original. But then it just became so grating. Admittedly, I watched maybe a handful of episodes from the final season but I planted myself on the couch for the full hour of the finale. So, let’s discuss. This is very obvious but because there are idiots out there: spoilers ahead. You were warned.



I Will Always Love You: Why I’m Looking Forward To The Final Season Of ‘How I Met Your Mother’

I love this cover a lot

I love this cover a lot

There are only a handful of TV shows I can say I’ve never had ups & downs with. Mad Men, Friends, Happy Endings, to name a few. Those rare, almost perfect shows that others may find faults in, but for you, you were okay with Rachel & Joey happening (to be clear: it shouldn’t have happened, but it did & I understand why). How I Met Your Mother is not one of those. We’ve have had our ups and downs. I walked out on it for a couple of months. I subtweeted it. But thanks to the glorious season 8 finale, we’ve since reunited and I couldn’t be more ecstatic about what’s to come.

When I tell people I watch How I Met Your Mother, they’re surprised. I guess for some people it just automatically gets lumped in with all the other CBS shitcoms. I see that.  And it’s not that I have a super high standard for the type of television I watch;  I’m not a snob, Big Brother is one of my favourite shows, but, I guess, sitcom-wise, it’s something you kind of have to explain to people. Not the show itself, but your love for it. “Ya but aren’t you annoyed you haven’t found out who the mother is yet?” No, not really. This was always the intention of the show right? A love-story in reverse. Would I have preferred for the reveal of the mother to have happened, oh, I don’t know, 3 seasons ago? Sure. But – and I have to give a lot of credit to the writers, they were smart enough to make this show an ensemble-piece, much like Friends.

Friends could have been JUST about Rachel, or Ross and Rachel, but while we waited for them to finally get back together, we were given solid storylines (and arguably better ones) from the other characters. How I Met Your Mother works inspite of Ted and his quest. To know Ted is to know that Ted is insufferable; the show would have never worked if entirely focused on him. In the last few seasons, we’ve seen Lily & Marshall grow in an expected but not always totally obvious way. I’d argue that Robin (and Cobie Smulders) have been the saving grace of the last few seasons (seriously, Cobie became my favourite as the show progressed). And Barney is still Barney but, remarkably, I’ve yet to grow tired of his shtick.

The entire final season will bet set on the weekend of Robin & Barney’s wedding and will eventually lead into the wedding itself. Flashbacks will, of course, be included, to help tie up some lose ends. I think this is a really inventive way of storytelling and something extremely fresh & welcomed for this show, especially for it’s last season. I wish more shows, especially sitcoms, would take such a risky move. This could ultimately turn out to be a gigantic failure, which I doubt will be the case, but they can at least say they tried something different.  I’m particularly excited for the final two slapbets to be released. I’m excited that Cristin Milioti (The Mother) is a season regular for the final season. Overall, I’m really excited. Maybe it’s all of the feelings because in 8 months the gang will be gone, but you guys, it’s all happening!

READ: Stop Staying There Is Nothing Good On TV

Me, ages 0-21.

In last few weeks I have heard people complain that there is “nothing good on TV”. These people, keep in mind, are regular watchers of Glee and the recently departed, Missing (Mom & Dad, HEY!). I try to usually ignore this comment because for anyone who is a genuine fan of television, for me, I don’t think TV has ever been better.

I cam across THIS on the GQ website. Click through it and come back.

It’s genius, right? (I watch “Hush” at least twice or three times a year). It’s pretty dead on. My favorite rule is #9, though. There is WAY too much on TV, it’s true. For example, CBS has about 600 million shows, all are extremely popular and I only watch How I Met Your Mother from their offerings. Now, if you were to tell me there is a lot of crap on TV and then followed up that arguement by saying “BUT…this and this and this and this are all so good” then, I’m right there with you. For example, CBS has 600 million shows, all are extremely popular and, again, I ONLY watch How I Met Your Mother from their offerings.

You have to have patience, which nobody has anymore thanks to YouTube. You have to let TV shows grow, but in the day of Twitter & Facebook, who has time for that when you can just rush off your opinion on something and shoot it out there just to get Re-Tweeted (we’re all guilty of that). The most recent example of this is HBO’s Girls.

I watch A LOT of television. As I write this I’m catching up on season 3 of Vampire Diaries (to butch it up, I swear I only watch it for Nina Drobrev – but really, it’s more legit than it leads on) after having just marathoned some Mad About You and finally starting New Girl and Raising Hope. And after this, I’ll probably watch The Sopranos. So on and so forth the patern continues. Again, I LOVE TV. You have to look around, though, and you have to give things opportunities. The shows listed on rule #9 (I’d throw Cougar Town and maybe a few more shows onto that list) are, in all honesty, what is the best on major networks But right now, the time isn’t for major networks. HBO, AMC and Showtime are owning everyone’s ass right now.

So, please, don’t tell there isn’t anything good on TV. Because instead of watching The Big Bang Theory and Glee (which, this shows last 3 episodes, the only one’s I’ve watch of this season were actually…GOOD, but the inconsistency on this show is so frustrating) and then nothing else, look around. You know that show Mad Men everyone keeps talking about, well, watch it already. Please. For me.



Monday Ratings

For the rest of this month I’ll be posting about the TV ratings of new and returning shows but after that it will most likely stop. Last night a slew of new and returning shows premiered and almost everything went up from their finales or debuted quite well.

Dancing With The Stars won the 8 pm hour with 20 million viewers. House premiered to 10.5, How I Met Your Mother returned to it’s usually 8.8 million viewers, same with Rules Of Engagment (8.3), Chuck was slightly down from last year(6.1) but as Ausiello pointed out on Twitter it had no promotion so it’s not the worst but it could be let go after this season.

For 9 pm Dancing With The Stars went up to 21 million viewers, Two And A Half men roared back with 14.5 (Charlie Sheen can do no wrong in the eyes of middle America) and the new show King Of Queens, Everybody Loves Raymond Mike & Molly premiered to 12.5. It has gotten good reviews so with this time slot and positive reception it should stay stable. The highly promoted The Event premiered well for NBC with 11.2 while Lonestar on Fox was the failure of the night with only 4.1 million viewers.

Finally for the 10 pm hour the revamp of Hawaii Five-0 premiered very well with 13.8 million viewers, the new NCIS (a show that does so well yet I don’t know anyone who watches it) Castle premiered to 11.2 and Chase premiered decently to 7.9

Tonight Glee returns so we’ll see how that fairs.