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Jimmy Fallon’s First Episode Of ‘The Tonight Show’ Went Very Well


Let’s say it together: Okay byeeeeeeeeee Jay Leno

No disrespect to Jay Leno, but who is going to miss him besides those of middle america who presumably own Big Bang Theory merchandise? No one, is the answer. Bias aside (the bias being my love for Jim Jam Fallon) when it was announced he would be taking over it was the most logical choice: Jimmy is safe, yes, he’s like an adorable puppy, sure, but safe doesn’t have to equate boringness. Jimmy Fallon is safe but he is not boring. Jay Leno was, or had become, boring. Conan O’Brien isn’t Louis C.K but he isn’t as “appealing” as Fallon is, or can be. The Tonight Show is a very broad show. So this transition made sense.

I have this weird thing where I’m happy for people I don’t know. Which, for me, is rare, because I’m rarely happy for the people I do know. Jimmy Fallon has this way of being so endearing that you just want the best for him. Last night was the beginning of the new chapter and it went off without a hitch. The set is spectacular, first off. The Spike Lee directed opening is fantastic. And the show was such a smooth transition. It felt so natural. And this was only the first episode. Imagine how much more at home he will be in a week, in a month? It’s exciting because, like him or not, Jimmy Fallon is exciting. You can scoff at the “viralness” of his sketches, but when he does a sketch with a celebrity, the next day it is making waves, and in the best way. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: he has the most fun, always, and he wants you to as well.

My favourite bit of the night? Of course it was the parade of celebrities. The more I watch it, the weirder it gets because none of these people match. Not one. Not one person there matches, except for like, Tina and Tracy and Lindsay and….Mike Tyson, but that’s it. Imagine the conversation backstage? Imagine setting up who goes out when? This is why I love live TV because these questions are actually asked. Also: I know Tina would hate that this is being brought up, but she’s been looking like a REAL BABE lately. And Colbert just kills it.



Jimmy Fallon Continues To Be Having The Most Fun


Who is your go to Late Night guy? Are you a Jon Stewart type? A Letterman? As long as no one here is a Leno, we’re all good.

Jimmy Fallon is my go to guy. I don’t watch the show regularly but I’ll always make sure to catch clips of interviews and the skits. When I went to New York a view years ago I attended a taping of the show. I mean, did we hug when he ran through the audience as the credits were rolling? Ya, we did. Was it amazing? Ya it was.

To me, there is no one on late night that is having more fun right now than Jimmy Fallon. You probably know this by now. He may not be the best interviewer, but he knows that and thats not his main goal. Jimmy Fallon has always entertained, – err, that’s mostly true if we ignore the movie career (though I’ll always love Fever Pitch).  And more important – his guest look like they’re always having fun. And the audience. A lot of his skits bring me genuine joy. When was the last time, say, Kimmel brought you joy? I hate to pit them against one another because they have different styles for the most part and, for me, Fallon wins – which is not to discredit Kimmel, who I think creates funny things with funny people but he himself never makes me laugh. I hope this kind of fun continues once he takes over The Tonight Show. 

This week he’s been all over the internet with what him and his guest have been doing on the show. The Hashtag sketch with Timberlake got the most traction but that didn’t do a lot for me. I loved this week’s sing-a-long with Jimmy, Quest & the muppets from Sesame Street singing the Sesame Street theme song. WHAT MORE DOES ONE NEED?


A Fresh(er) Start


It was announced today that Seth Meyers would (officially) be taking over for Jimmy Fallon on Late Night once Jimmy takes over for Jay Leno at The Tonight Show. Can we have a moment and reflect that we’ve finally gotten rid of Leno? #Blessed

Now, this announcement isn’t a surprise to most of us. Maybe our parents who don’t have Twitter, but it’s been in the works for a while now. I love Seth, of course, and I think it’ll be a good move for him and it’s certainly a smart move but I think it’s also a safe move. Seth is silly but he’s a very formal and more professional version of Jimmy. He’s the poor man’s Jon Stewart (which isn’t meant as a diss to Seth) but I’m just not sure as to what he’s going to offer.

Now, we’ll get to the late night debate another time (re: why couldn’t it have been a woman?) but here’s what is going to be interesting about it. Seth will remain a part of SNL, with Lorne looking over that, Jimmy at The Tonight Show and Seth at Late Night, but I’m assuming Sethly won’t be head writer anymore and, again, I love him, but this is a very welcomed change of pace.

This has been a very dire year for Saturday Night Live. I’m not even going to talk about how disappointing Kristen Wiig’s episode was because I can’t. The problem has never been the cast; everyone is super talented. It’s always, always, ALWAYS been the material in the last few years that has kept the show from bouncing back. Like: THE F-CK was that cold open last night? And the sketch with the two little boys? HOW did those make it to air and how were they not cut at dress? I realllllly don’t understand anymore.

So, with Seth moving on to bigger and better things, we’ll have a new head write and I’m very excited. I don’t know who it will be or who it could be, but as long as it’s someone new because this show desperately needs it.


“This Should’ve Been My Job”

That’s what Conan is thinking in this picture. Just kidding. I love this picture though, for the random and awkwardness that it is. I’ll be discussing the winners, the host, the presenters, the moments, everything later on.