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Emily Blunt Is Selling ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ All By Herself, And It’s Working

Every generation there is a chosen one…

Sorry, I’ve started my Buffy rewatch…but there is a connection. In every Tom Cruise movie, there is female lead 20 years his junior. In Tom Cruise’s personal life, there is female lead who is 20 years his junior. They all do their best to sell the product, but not all of them show up for the job or are up for it. Emily Blunt has started doing press for Edge of Tomorrow, and while Emma Stone did a great job selling The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (I’ve watched that lipsynch video probably 100 times), Emily Blunt is doing this all on her own. If you’ve noticed, Tom hasn’t done much, if any, North American press yet (but he’s coming…) and she’s already appeared on both Ellen and Jimmy Kimmel to promote the film. On both shows she’s funny, charming, engaging and does an amazing Tom Cruise impression. No, seriously, can we get a super cut of her impression because it’s a game changer (it’s the way she says “…it’s…a challenge” on Kimmel that does it in for me).

So Emily Blunt’s sold me on Edge of Tomorrow (though I’m in the minority that was already sold on this movie) but at the same time, why hasn’t *it* happened for her yet. She’s had several attempts at becoming a really big star (she was fairly close to being Black Widow) but still isn’t a household name. To many, she’s still “the one from The Devil Wears Prada“. Which, fine, she’s still ours. We haven’t outgrown her or are annoyed with. In fact, these kind of interviews are a treat and I am looking forward to her being overexposed for the next few weeks.

Maybe it’s a good thing she hasn’t broken…


Matt Lauer: Preserver Of Good TV


Paula Deen appeared on The Today Show this morning to prove she is no racist. Instead, she cried about losing her brand and ended the interview with saying “I is what I is and I’m not changing” so there’s that amazing gem. Someone, somewhere, grab Kristen Wiig, put her in her Paula Deen wig and recreate this gift of an interview.

TV interviews have become boring. No one asks the questions they need to ask anymore. Except, maybe, Jon Stewart, but even then. After the whole Anne Curry scandal, we all became anti-Lauer. Is he still a money hungry prick? Probably. But that’s not the point here: the point is that I can go back in time and note several different amazing, news making Matt Lauer interviews. The Tom Cruise one is the first one that comes to your head right? Of course it is. Because that right there is textbook great TV. You can’t find that kind of TV anywhere else anymore.

So, thank you, Matt Lauer, for always giving us good TV.


Brad, Angelina and The Power of The Sell


A few weeks ago I wrote about how it seemed out of place for Brad Pitt, one of the biggest stars in the world, to be pushing a movie so hard. “If the movie were any good, he wouldn’t be working this hard” is what I had to say. I still stand by that statement, and I still think that this is the hardest he’s ever worked to sell a movie but I’m glad that there has been some positive response to the film.

What the point is here though is that World War Z, if for nothing else, is reminding me how well Brad & Angelina know how to sell themselves, together and apart. Last week the premieres for the film began and Angelina, post-mastectomy, showed up to each one of them. Looking adoringly into each other’s eyes, stoping for press and fans, laughing and gigling, Brad & Angie had one thing to say: game f-cking on. These two though, these two are the best at what they do. They’ve been working these premieres so hard Tom Cruise and Will Smith are in detention studying their moves.

Will & Jada kind of worked the same angle for After Earth except it went horribly, horribly wrong and we got that incredibly awkward (and amazing) New York Magazine interview. Both of these pictures are big budget messes, both have a lot riding on them, both are trying to prove they’re still relevant in the world of film, but Will Smith kind of forgot how to SELL, or just got lazy. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have, clearly, not forgotten. They are always on the sell – all actors, no matter their stature – but some execute it much better than others. These two are doing it so well that not only am I actually considering seeing the film, but I’m convinced Angelina has a post credits cameo in it.

God damn these two.


Brad Pitt Hasn’t Worked This Hard In Years


A few years ago, all Brad Pitt and the media could talk about was how hard he hard worked to get Moneyball on the screen. If it weren’t for him, and his passion to tell the story (which, arguably, wasn’t all that significant of a story to tell but I digress) it maybe sort-of would not have been made. He worked hard to sell Moneyball, and while it wasn’t the success I think we had had anticipated (it opened below $20 million. In comparison, 42 which opened earlier this year made almost $30 million opening weekend without a big name as it’s lead…) it did well enough and got the critical attention Pitt had probably hoped it would.

Fast-forward a few years later and Pitt is working harder than he ever has, because there is a lot of money and face to save. World War Z has been a very well documented hot mess of a production. It cost, roughly, $4 billion, took, roughly, 10 years to shoot, and, looks pretty f-cking bleak. And not in the District 9, “eesh that’s our future? well I’ll still pay to see that!” bleak. It just looks like some rough stuff. More like World War (Ant)Z AMIRIGHT OR AMIRIGHT? Moving on…

Last week there was a screening of World War Z in New Jersey. Guess who showed up? Brad Pitt. That’s a pretty big f-cking deal. It’s not unheard of for actors to show up to movie screening, especially these days when studios are so nervous they can’t risk anything and will DO anything to ensure their movie makes back it’s budget, at the very least. Ellen Page showed up to my screening of The East last month and just last night, Seth Rogen was in Toronto to promote This Is The End. Now, both of those movies are recieving fantastic reviews from critics and fans and you might be asking, we’ll if those are good then why did they bother showing up? Well, Seth Rogen isn’t as famous as Brad Pitt. Same goes for Ellen Page so the extra effort they put in matters and they do it more so because they care. Not that Pitt or Tom Cruise or Will Smith, don’t care about their fans, because they do, but Brad Pitt didn’t show up to any screening of Moneyball or Mr and Mrs Smith or Ocean Eleven, is what I’m trying to say.

Now, the audience at the screening Pitt showed up to ended up “loving the movie”. Well, of course they did. Brad Pitt showed up, so why wouldn’t they? I want World War Z to be good. I want it to be the “Oscar worthy movie” it was deemed when the original draft of it’s screenplay had been read. But I doubt it. Mainly because the zombies look like ants. And if it’s good I will print out 10 copies of this post and read them. But I doubt it. And Brad Pitt working so hard to make believe it’s good is part of the problem. It’s just so..obvious..


It’s About Time For A Rachel McAdams RomCom



I was very ready to shit all over Rachel for doing another romantic comedy centered on a time traveler because one shitty one was more than enough (the book is great, though) but then I watched the trailer. Cute, right? I mean, in no way exceptional, but FROM THE CREATOR OF LOVE ACTUALLY NOTTING HILL FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL kind of makes it work (“who?” said everyone walking past this poster at the cineplex”)

But what about Rachel? I’m all for an actor having a certain genre. I mean we shit on Tom Cruise for making Tom Cruise-type movies but when they’re good, we love him for it, right? (We’re never talking about Oblivion or Jack Reacher but I cannot with those two) And when a Rachel romcom is good, it’s good (Morning Glory is great OKAY).

BUTTTTTTTTTT it’s very much time to spice it up. I hope this is good & does well because we all love her, but I need something more for her because the potential that was seen in Mean Girls has completely gone to waste. She is still my vote for the lead in Gone Girl. 


What Is The Rock?


You know when you say a certain word over and over and over again it becomes foreign to you and you’re like, “gun, gun, gun, WAIT GUN IS SPELT G-U-N?!” (this happened to me earlier tonight, #truelife). This is how I feel about some actors, celebrities or famous figures. Most recently I’ve been enamoured with whatever Kelly Osbourne is and does. Like, what is on her resume, “Famous For Having Lost Weight”. WHAT DOES KELLY OSBOURNE DO? I digress.

I saw Pain & Gain last weekend. Did you? Eh… Michael Bay gets a bad rap most of the time that I don’t think is totally deserved. I will forever and always defend the first Transformers. So, I was mildly looking forward to Pain & Gain. I thought it was completely up Bay’s alley and he could excel with such a ridiculous true story, and it had some really solid trailers. Well, the final product ended up being more of headache than any real or true fun. The first hour is solid, but the second hour is a retread of the first, pretty much. Also: Tony Shalub was grating.

BUT, what I found most surprising about the entire film was The Rock, and how good The Rock is, and then I processed how many movies The Rock makes a year (like 500, on average) and how we don’t consider The Rock a movie star. Is it because he, basically, plays the same character all the time? But so does Tom Cruise, right? If that’s the case, then The Rock is just as much of a movie star as Tom Cruise is.

Think about it.


LOOK: Tom Cruise Is The Same Always

This took me 20 minutes to post on Twitter this morning so it’s getting all the attention it deserves.

The fourth panel in my beautiful collage (which you are free to use share but if you don’t credit me I will come after you and your families) is the poster for Tom Cruise’s holiday Blockbuster, Jack Reacher. Fun fact: Tom Cruise is 100 pounds lighter and one foot shorter than the actual character in the books the film is based on, so, some spot on casting right there. I don’t have a problem with that poster in particular (as this poster for it is so, so, SO much ugly and worse) but I have a problem that it’s always the same.

When I went to look at the first poster for Jack Reacher again it just hit me that I had seen it before so I searched for the Minority Report one. Yup, pretty similar. Then I remembered that there was a headshot for Collateral. Yup, twinsies. Then I remembered the one for Mission Impossible 4. So on and so forth. For almost every Tom Cruise Blockbuster-Or-Franchise Movie, there is a headshot poster of him looking mildly depressed/angry. Is this supposed to sell me?

NOW, you know I love TC. Tom Cruise is an underrated actor, a blockbuster star, the definition of A-list and certified crazy, but he’s a star through and through. As much as I love TC though, we need to address something that is the problem with his career and public image: he is always the same. For the last 10 years or so, minus Tropic Thunder or what not, he hasn’t reallllllly shaken it up and I understand that he can’t because after The Oprah Moment, his image is so fragile. But audiences are getting bored. Jack Reacher isn’t a garunteed hit yet and the marketing isn’t convincing nor it the Let’s-Rip-Off-Drive trailer for it either.

Time to shake it up, Tommy. It’s always the same……….